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To get to Lombok Island by land transports is only possible by using public ferries. There are two ferries harbors in Lombok:

Lembar harbor at the western Lombok Island,
Lombok Ferry
served ferries transports to Padang Bai harbor east shore of Bali, roundtrip. Depart every 2.5 hours in 24 hours a day, except in bad whether conditions and the cruse in between will take from 4 to 5 hours.


It does takes 2.5 hours drive from Denpasar, Bali to Padang Bai Harbor in Bali and it take 1 hour drive to Mataram or 1.5 to Senggigi from Lembar harbor in Lombok.

Kayangan harbor at the east shore of East Lombok, served ferries transport to Tano harbor, Sumbawa Island roundtrip. Depart every 2 hours in 24 hours a day, daily except in bad whether conditions and the cruse in between takes only 1.5 hours .

Other choice to reach Lombok Island from the Padang Bai harbor is by using speed boat that take only 1.5 hours crossing to northern shore of Lombok. See below for detail's.

Speed boat Bali - Lombok

WAHANA GILI OCEAN (luxury speedboat service)

Wahana Gili Ocean departs twice daily from Padangbai for a direct crossing to Gili Trawangan and Teluk Nara in west Lombok.

Take 80 minutes from Padangbai (Bali) to Gilis.

SPECIAL PRICE ONLY Rp. 350.000,- / Person one way

BLUE WATER SAFARIS (luxury speedboat service)

Blue Water Express Blue Water Fast Boat

Departing daily from Benoa, Bali directly to Gili Islands, Lombok.

Take 2 hours from Benoa (Bali) to Gilis.

GILI CAT (Fast Catamaran)

Gili Cat Gili Cat Fast Boat

Departing daily from Padang Bay, East Bali to Gili Islands Lombok.

It's a Fast Catamaran.

MAHI - MAHI (Fast Catamaran)

MAHI MAHI Mahi Mahi Fast Catamaran

Departing daily from Serangan Sanur, Bali directly to Gilis Islands, Lombok.


Bounty Cruise Bounty Cruises Ship

Bounty Cruise a luxury cruise line with capacity of 400 passengers.

Tentative schedule is departing 3 times a week from Benoa, Bali to Teluk Nare, Lombok.

Here's below other transports services available for you:

Public Bus to Lombok

The public overland buses with Air Conditioner also operate to Lombok Island from Bali. You can get them in Ubung Bus Station Terminal in Denpasar area that you will be proceed to leave from 7 pm to 9 pm and you will arrive in Bertais Bus Station of Lombok in the morning time around 7-8 am.

PERAMA Shuttle Bus

Daily departure from Kuta area, Ubud, Candidasa directly to Mataram, Senggigi, Bangsal and Gili Island. Price includes ferry and non AC coach for both Bali or Lombok. For budget travelers (Backpackers), this option is recommended to eliminate hassle and bustle usually happen in the Bus Station.

Crossing by Ferry with Your Rented Car

On every crossing to Lombok, the ferry also proceed you to cross with your rental car. For rent a car in Lombok, we can also pick up you at the harbor gate by bringing the car your choice. And your can begun your adventure of dreams.

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