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Lombok has been an ideal surfing destinations for years. Surfing enthusiasts, especially those that come to Indonesia for the prime purpose to surf and are prepared to venture further then Bali, will discover Lombok and Sumbawa rewarding beyond all expectations, particularly when it comes to serene and exclusive locations. Surfing contributed to Bali's early overseas tourism boom but surfing there is now consumed by crowds and is becoming unpopular due to an over population of surfing visitors and locals, in all the destinations.

Lombok and Sumbawa is anew unexplored surfing frontier, hosting some of the most impressive surfing spots in the south pacific! There are many great surf breaks here on Lombok Island.

Lombok has arguably the best left hand wave in the world at Desert Point at Bangko-Bangko, located on the South West cost, with barrels [hollow breaking waves], that run forever like they're made by some wave machine. Although surfing can get very crowded, and sometimes at low tide very shallow, many surfers are prone to "stitches" from negotiating Desert Point.
Complimenting Desert Point, we have destinations like the Kute region in South Lombok not to be confused with Kuta Bali, supporting beautiful surf at locations like Maui.

In the wet season, Airguiling, not far from Maui, has great waves too with a good left, but not at low tide. At Gerupuk, in South Lombok, is a left and right break that is more suited for long boards. Not withstanding, out side Gerupuk is a deep peaky wave will have some big peaks in bigger swell and these breaks are only accessible by boat.

Just around from Gerupuk there Ekas Bay supporting a great right and a long lefthander breaking further out in the bay that can get sizeable swell. Heading up the west coast of Lombok, you head in the Senggigi Region and here, right in the middle of Senggigi, the tourist township of Lombok you discover the very popular spot, both for locals and mature age surfers alike, the Senggigi Reef. It is quiet unique and famous for its right and left break!

The Senggigi Reef is a right on one side and left on the other-offering right breaking waves or left breaking, ad they head to shore. Senggigi is more fickle than the South coast, having to draw the swell from the Lombok Straight, but when it's on an has deep tube rights, and a fast moving left with a fast bowl section. Prime accommodation with two major hotels, The Senggigi Beach Hotel and The Senggigi Reef Resort are right in front of the reef making life very comfortable and these are both regular Surfer haunts!

The Dining Establishments such as Restaurant Taman, Asmara, Sugar, Tropicana and Sahara restaurant.

Heading north, there are Alang Alang Point and some other interesting breaks in larger swell along the North Western coast. Completing the "surfing sojourn", is the Gilis Islands, Trawangan, Meno, Air, offering some excellent waves at times. Should you want to continue further, there is Lombok's sister island of Sumbawa with a multitude of world class breaks, depending which way you head. There are places like Lakey area in Dompu, with 5 good reefs in close proximity to each other. The West Coast of Sumbawa is usually preferred, ad it offers, uncrowded breaks the are suitably named, like Scar Reef, Supersucks, and Donut's offering magic waves-not for the beginner though!

There are wonderful "hidden jewels" to discover when you explore right around the cost of Sumbawa. When you across the many remote spots in a very spectacular and
beautiful coastline you are privileged to have a reef all to yourself.

Generally Lombok and Sumbawa surf suits the shorter board. It is more of challenge to sure on a long board as the waves are mostly steep and hollow to make the drop and to get a tube on long board here is double the pleasure because it is harder to perform on than the more responsive short board. Always, if you are coming to surf here, bring spare leg ropes and wax, have travel insurance [a must], and a "ding" repair kit along with a small First Aid kit, remembering you are usually surfing over coral reefs. Lombok Island is as diverse and different to Bali, as Sumbawa to Lombok.

The people, the culture, religion, way of life and most especially the scenery of both of these Island ensure they are uniquely different the other Indonesian Islands and are both extraordinary idyllic destinations. Experience some of the most exiting, spectacular and thrilling surfing in magnificent but yet unspoilt waters throughout the length and breadth of Lombok and Sumbawa! Remember if you enjoy surfing pristine waves in beautiful settings, leave them as you fine them-don't leave any rubbish behind or damage the vegetation, so it remains pristine always for future generations to enjoy.

Please contact us to arrange the Tour for surfing or others informationís about surfing in Lombok or Sumbawa.

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