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Telecommunication capabilities have improved greatly over the last few years, especially in wireless services. Mean while fixed phone services only operated by TELKOM, the wireless service providers is most rapidly grown. Now there are five GSM (900Mhz / 1800Mhz / UMTS) and two CDMA (800Mhz / 900Mhz) phone providers operate in Lombok. If you bring a Hand Phone when came here, you can choice one of these providers by simply purchasing prepaid SIM cards. Here the List of the providers:

GSM Operators:

XL (EXELCOMINDO) with two kind prepaid cards, BEBAS and JEMPOL

TELKOMSEL, prepaid card is SIMPATI and Kartu AS (AS Card)

INDOSAT with two kind prepaid cards, IM3 and MENTARI

3 (THREE) and the card is 3

AXIS and the card is AXIS

CDMA Operators:

FLEXI by Telkom, card name FLEXI

STAR-ONE by Indosat

HEPI card name Hepi by mobile-8

The Shops that sell those cards are many and easy to fine. By using one of those prepaid card you can make overseas calls at lower cost than calling on your home SIM.

The area code for Lombok is 0370 or 370 if you using together with Indonesia country code (+62). That area code only use for fixed phone number or Wireless CDMA phone numbers. But if you using GSM phone, only country code will be needed.

Overseas calls can also be made at state-run telephone offices known as a wartel (warung telekomunikasi). International Direct Dialing (IDD) and Home Country Direct (HCD) services are also available in most hotels.


Lombok has many cyber cafés, especially in Senggigi and Mataram. Speed connection in cyber cafes is varying one to another. At cyber cafes in Senggigi Internet connection speed is more faster then in Mataram but more expensive.

Cyber cafés tariff at Mataram area are between Rp. 3,500. - To Rp. 5,000. - per hour.
Cyber cafés tariff at Senggigi area are around Rp. 18,000. - per hour / Rp. 300. - per minute.
Cyber cafés tariff at Gilis area are Rp. 400. - per minute

Other alternative is using wireless modem such as mobile phone or USB modem to access the net via GPRS or CDMA. It this the tariff for data service:

XL card (BEBAS) Rp. 10, - /Kb (3G*- UMTS- available)
Telkomsel (SIMPATI) Rp. 5, - /Kb (GPRS)
Indosat (IM3 & MENTARI) Rp. 1, - /Kb or Rp. 100, - / mint at volume base Mode (GPRS)
3 -Three - (Black & White) Rp. 10, - /Kb (GPRS)
Axis Rp. 1, - /Kb (GPRS)

* Now only available in some area


Post office working hour: Monday to Saturday from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. except Friday it closes at 11 a.m.

Address and Phone:

Jl.. Sriwijaya, Mataram +62 370 - 632645, 621858
Jl. Langko, Ampenan +62 370 - 631642
Jl. Kebudayaan No. 91, Mataram
Jl. Pariwisata No. 16, Mataram
Jl. Raya Senggigi, Senggigi
Jl. Sandubaya, Selong +62 370 - 21054 (East Lombok)
Jl. H.M. Yamin, Selong

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